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Gain more authority in Google

earn more students


Perhaps you run study abroad programs on tall ships at sea. Or maybe, you run a marine science summer camp for kids—

Whatever it may be, you’re a marine educator or administrator, and your values embody:

A) Conservation Awareness

B) Personal Development

C) Leadership

D) Teamwork

I’ve been on both sides—I’ve been the student, and I’ve been the educator. I know the types of students you’re trying to attract, and I know exactly how to reach them.




Believe it or not, the very reason I once chose my own study abroad program at sea was for three main reasons:

1. It showed up at the top of Google.

2. Its site was easy on the eyes.

3. It had a killer blog.

Doesn’t it sound a little funny that these are the legitimate reasons that sold me on a program?

But this is the reality for most people—if they know what they want, and they’re on the search for who to go through to get what they want, they’re going to choose that gorgeous website.

They're going to choose the brand that has an active, story-telling blog.

They’re going to choose the brands at the top of Google’s page because it gives them a sense of trust.

I believe in your brand because I’ve experienced the benefits of marine education, myself. I’ll be your biggest advocate.

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